The latent potentialities of water. Its

come this way come that way rolling

of tide.

How out across the harbour there’s

rain like a net of leadround marbles


on the ashen sway and a gull beaking

freshwater from the head of a pontoon


falling and rising in that sway and how

all we need to do is plug it in :: trans


the sweep of glassmetal restless as

death into now plugging the grid into


devices—televisions, internet, light

globes—all the needful brightshining


shapes of the worldman, how that

would be enough. How it’s only


translated. How it’s only figuring

the language. How in the water there

lies the.

How we only need listen. How these

and suchlike figures and. How thishere

out in

side the earthtongue and. How to watch

it hard enough is. How in overspilling the


to that immensity is. And the shifting roll

of watermind speaks. How it might be

enough to save us.

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