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Berndt Sellheim is a poet, novelist and photographer. He has taught creative writing and poetics at UTS, and lectured in philosophy at Macquarie University, where he completed a doctorate in phenomenology. His poetry, critical work and photography have been published in periodicals and collections such as Meanjin, Heat, Liminal Pleasures, Overland, Best Australian Poems, Cutwater, Eyeline Contemporary Arts Journal, The Big Fix and The Journal for the British Society of Phenomenology. For six years he curated The Loft Readings, a poetry series at UTS. He is the author of the novel Beyond the Frame’s Edge (Fourth Estate, 2013) and his poetry collection Awake at the Wheel (Vagabond, 2016) won the 2016 Anne Elder Award. His forthcoming novel, The Fatal Dance, is out with Fourth Estate in 2018. He is the director of photography on the Youtube channel ‘Sewing Vintage with Tara Moss’  and is currently working on a film about the life and work of the Australian poet Martin Harrison. Berndt lives in Sydney’s Blue Mountains with his wife, their daughter, and a house full of other creatures.


berndtsellheim(at symbol here!)                Twitter: @BerndtSellheim

Representation           Selwa Anthony

Publisher                    Harper Collins, Fourth Estate. 

Poetry                            Vagabond Press


Photo: Tara Moss

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