Interview in Seizure


I had a good chat with the writer, academic and friend, Jason Childs. We talk about literature, philosophy, capitalism, and the rest, and it’s just come out in Seizure.

Beyond the Frame’s Edge, published in May 2013 by 4th Estate, is a complex and confident fiction debut. Its hero Adyn Cole, emerging from New York City in the wake of the 2008 financial collapse, returns to Sydney to resolve the estate of a deceased uncle and to try and rebuild his own life. Awaiting and opposing him are avaricious relatives, unsettling memories and a climate in upheaval. Waiting too, however, are new and unexpected friendships – the most important with a beguiling photographer named Camille – that offer Adyn a fresh perspective on nature and a renewed sense of his place in the world. The book offers an intense and often profound meditation on competing sources of meaning in contemporary life, narrated in language at once lyrical and unaffected. Though its author, Berndt Sellheim, is probably best known for the poetry he’s published in, among others, Meanjin, Overland and HEAT, I first met him in 2009 when he was teaching poetics at UTS. The following interview emerged from a series of emails – I was living in Berlin, he was traveling through Europe – that ended in our reunion in a Kreuzberg pub.”

The interview is available, paywalled, here on the Seizure website.

The photographer here is Matthew Venables. A real talent. Love the creepy hand thing.

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