New Poems

I have a few poems appearing in local periodicals. Some of them are print only, but some have web content as well. You can follow the links below to get to the poems, or track down the journals.

‘The Divine Art of Compost’ – This poem appears in Issue 142 of Island Magazine. If you want to read it, you’ll have to find a stockist, as they’re print only. Well worth the subscription costs: the magazine looks fantastic, the content is fresh, and the format is enticing. A good read.

‘Swimming Laps in the Experience Machine’ – A more recent offering, published in the Cordite issue ‘The End’ edited by Sydney poet Pam Brown.

‘Al Hajib’ – Follow this link to a prose poem that has recently come out with Overland.  There’s a short interview as well.

‘Backfill’ – The poem is in the new issue of Southerly (75.2). Again, this journal is print only, but you can follow the link to get a copy, or just to have a look at the blog, which has some great content.

‘Sonnet Objet (petit) a’ appears in in Rabbit poetry journal No. 14. This issue is edited by Stuart Cooke, and it’s a real tour de force. It’s print only, but you can buy a copy at the above link.



Blue Mountains Snow. 2015


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