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Berndt Sellheim is a poet, novelist and photographer. He has taught creative writing and poetics at UTS, and lectured in philosophy at Macquarie University, where he completed a doctorate in phenomenology. His poetry, critical work and photography have been published in periodicals and collections such as Meanjin, Heat, Liminal Pleasures, Overland, Best Australian Poems, Cutwater, Eyeline Contemporary Arts Journal, The Big Fix and The Journal for the British Society of Phenomenology. For six years he curated The Loft Readings, a poetry series at UTS. He is the author of the novel Beyond the Frame’s Edge (Fourth Estate, 2013) and his poetry collection Awake at the Wheel (Vagabond, 2016) won the 2016 Anne Elder Award. His forthcoming novel, The Fatal Dance, is out with Fourth Estate in 2018. He is the director of photography on the Youtube channel ‘Sewing Vintage with Tara Moss’  and is currently working on a film about the life and work of the Australian poet Martin Harrison. Berndt lives in Sydney’s Blue Mountains with his wife, their daughter, and a house full of other creatures.


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Fiction                           Harper Collins, Fourth Estate

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3 thoughts on “Berndt Sellheim

  1. Hi Berndt – I just wanted to say THANK YOU for coming to the MUDGEE Readers Festival. It was absolutely terrific to hear you chat about your new book and your inspirations. You signed my copy of your book, and then I went on about staying overnight in caves when young, nature, trees… etc etc… then later I realised that you are REALLY FAMOUS, and married to the most beautiful REALLY FAMOUS author. Congratulations on the wonderful things you are doing.
    Sally JD
    PS – I hope you both got a nice pizza on the way home!

  2. Hi Berndt,

    I live in Leura and my neighbour Ted Markstein (of the Katoomba Mac shop) mentioned, a while ago, that he wanted to introduce us, because of our shared interests. I meant to contact you, but then life got in the way, and I was only reminded of it when my partner and I thought we recognised you and your wife, while having dinner at the Talisman gallery on Sunday evening. I’m also a poet-philosopher. I completed my PhD, a few years ago, at the University of Sydney. My thesis was, essentially, a phenomenological interpretation of Aristotle’s epistemology. I’ve published a couple of philosophy articles since then (I have one in the current issue of Epoche, the U.S. continental philosophy journal), but I’ve been focusing most of my energy on my first love, poetry. I have a first collection coming out this month with Pitt Street Poetry. If you are interested, you can find more information on the PSP website ( including some advance praise for the book. If you’d like to come to launch, which is on the 26th of September, or to meet up for a coffee some time, send me an email. Best Wishes, Jakob.

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